Staying Safe on Public WiFi

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


It’s 2015, WiFi access is everywhere and chances are you’re taking advantage of public WiFi in coffee shops, bookstores, and hotels. Because of this increase in WiFi growth, 271% from 2013 and an estimated 4 million business locations worldwide with WiFi hotspots, you can never be too careful when it comes to free WiFi usage.


Every year the public demand for Wi-Fi increases, whether that be from individuals on their mobile devices or businesspeople trying to connect on laptops while away from the office. With this increase in growth can come an increase in vulnerabilities for those using public WiFi. Our partners at ESET listed some security measures we think are helpful to know:


1.Check the Authenticity

2. Look for HTTPS


3. Patching Before you go

4. Avoid Accessing Sensitive Information

5. Manually Select Wi-Fi Networks

6. Use a VPN

7. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (

8. Logout When You Leave

9. Turn off WiFi When Not in Use


While we know in this day and age it’s often easier to connect to public WiFi just be aware there can be risks. There are other ways to connect, like VPN or even using your mobile device as a hotspot if your data plan allows. Just make sure that you’re alert and aware of what sites you’re going to and what information you’re giving out on a public network.

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