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There’s a very good chance your IT person is overworked, stressed, and being pulled in a hundred different directions at all times. The typical IT provider is expected to be have all the answers all the time.

Your IT staff are responsible for making sure that all of your devices are kept functioning, and depending on the size of your company that can mean hundreds of devices. They are also expected to make sure the servers are functional and operational more that 99% of the time. Your IT team has to be constantly aware of countless customized software products, all of the installed systems and all of your hardware and mobile devices.

And when anything goes wrong, your IT person is going to get call.

Is it really a wonder they are so stressed?

Outsourcing IT as a solution

It’s pretty obvious that most IT departments could use more help, but for most there isn’t always the budget to support more full or even part time IT staff. Fortunately, though, advances in technology allow for more flexibility when it comes to outsourcing, which can do more for your business than just take some of the work off your overworked IT team.

Experience, Qualification and Certification

With outsourced IT, the vendor ensures that it’s employees have the proper training, are up-to date on certifications and are 100% qualified to work on the issues you need addressed. Your outsourced IT vendor will also be staying up to date on all the newest technology, policies, and solutions.

Controlled Costs

Along with contracted IT your operating costs are known and locked in, with one set fee each month based on your needs, you’re eliminating the enormous cost of training new internal IT staff, and eliminating the uncertain prices for one-time fix IT solutions.

Lower Risk & Better Compliance

By outsourcing you’re reducing the risk associated with untrained internal IT members, who may not have the right knowledge base or skills to complete a project. For IT areas, where there are compliance requirements, using an outsourced company can give you that additional peace of mind and confidence.

Core Focus

Perhaps the most important aspect of this, is that outsourcing your IT can give you your time back to focus on your core strategic advantages and building strategies for continued growth.

With the amount of work that often falls on internal IT staff, it’s a good bet that they’re stretched way too thin. Providing IT services to your company though an outside partner can help improve your performance and efficiency and lead to a better business outcome.