Microsoft Office 365 Consulting

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


IT Freedom loves easy, effective, all-in-one IT.

We know how busy you are, and Microsoft offers a solution designed to streamline work and make your life easier. When you’re working with Office 365, we provide support and expert consulting to make sure you’re leveraging its full power to improve your workflow.

Increase the productivity of your staff with secure mobility and easier collaboration than ever before. Office 365 allows you to bring your resources wherever your work takes you, providing access to contacts, documents, emails and applications while on the go.

Get in touch with IT Freedom at or (512) 351-4960
to discuss the benefits of Office 365 for your unique operations.


Don’t keep your employees confined to their desks anymore; give your business
the wings it needs to truly thrive.

All Access

Office 365 gives you access to business class email, video conferencing capabilities, instant messaging, calendar sharing, and all of the other Office applications you already depend on.

Guidance and Support

Our guidance and support guarantees that you get the most out of Office to improve the way you work. Our strategic planning ensures you understand the full capabilities of Office 365’s offerings.

Business Continuity

Workflow disruption and downtime is a disaster for any business. Office 365 factors into business continuity by backing up all of your data and giving you access to resources even if hardware is compromised or your power is out.


IT Freedom knows that you need reliable, innovative solutions to increase your bottom line and keep your business moving forward. We’re proud to offer our knowledge and expertise to help ensure you get the best return on your IT investment.

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