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You Spent A lot of Time and Money Investing in the Right People, Why Let Them Worry About Technology?


Are you underutilizing your staff by burdening them with IT?

Do you have an amazing staff that seem to be spending too much time on tasks not in their job description? Taking employees away from their actual jobs naturally slows growth, productivity, and stifles creativity, leading to an altogether unproductive company.

Have you ever thought about how much it’s costing your company to have employees doing tasks that are easily outsourced at one fixed monthly cost? Beyond that, have you taken the time to acknowledge the toll doing two full time jobs can take on your employees?

Managing and monitoring your IT systems is a job in itself, and not one that can easily be added to the workload of your already busy employees.

IT Freedom can help bring back that productivity and creativity you searched so hard for while hiring the perfect employees. With your fixed monthly rate we take IT issues off your hands and give them to experts who have the knowledge and technology to monitor and maintain your IT systems 24/7.

You didn’t hire your employees for their out of this world IT skills, so why assign them tasks that require those skills? IT Freedom can provide you with managed IT services to take the worry off you and give your employees back their time to keep moving your company forward.

Today is the day to take away the IT burden and focus on your company’s future.

Give us a call today at (512) 351-4960 or email us at to start a no obligation conversation about how we can help you!