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Think It's Time to Scale Your Startup but Don't Want Technology to Hold You Back?

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As your business grows, your need for innovative technology solutions – and reliable administration – grows with it.

This is a lot to consider as you scale your startup. With a handful of tech-savvy employees, the burden of administering and securing your IT systems and apps may seem simple – but that will change very quickly as your operations grow.

Even with web-based apps, there are still user accounts to be managed, security settings to be looked after, and regular support needs that you may not be able (or want!) to keep up with. That’s where IT Freedom comes in.

We work hard to remove the IT struggles associated with scaling your operations.

How do we do it?

Our team understands the unique constraints you’re under – and the various critical IT needs of a growing business.

You’re likely adding more diverse apps, which need to be strategically integrated to work together. That includes management of accounts, ongoing maintenance, monitoring of security issues, and so on.

When you’re focusing on other critical components of your business, it’s easy to forget security implications that come into play from simple things like not having good password and MFA policies, or just flat out forgetting to turn off all of a terminated employee's accounts. We’ve got those covered.

As you team grows with your operations, you’re often also hiring non-technical staff that will require more support for IT resources and issues – even with simple things like Email and day-to-day help with applications and connectivity.

IT Freedom will manage all of this for you and take on your IT baggage so that you’re able to focus on more important things.

Reach out to IT Freedom to speak with our team of IT experts about managing the potential burdens of technology as you scale your operations. Get in touch with our team of experts at or (512) 351-4960 to learn more.