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Well, yesterday we promised you a big, exciting announcement! So here it is!

IT Freedom is proud to announce a major sponsorship of the Small Business Festival in Austin!

Small Business Festival

The Small Business Festival is one of Inc. Magazine’s “Top 5 Must Attend Conferences”, providing speakers, panels, and groups for small businesses to network and learn! We’re extremely excited to be a part of this event because it fosters the sense of entrepreneurship and growth that helps make Austin unique and is making Austin a major player in global business.

Last year brought over 1200 attendees across the spectrum of businesses, large and small, and we are so excited to see what we can do this coming year!

Check out the Small Business Festival website to stay updated on what events will be going on and what speakers will be attending this year, and check out videos and pictures from last year.

And make sure to check back with us as we’ll have a lot more to say about what this sponsorship means, and what you can see from IT Freedom at the Festival!

We are so excited and hope you will join us May 1-5th, 2017! (It’s only 166 days away! But who’s counting…)