Don’t Fall Into the Public Wi-Fi Trap

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.

broadband-150348_1280While many people think the key to staying safe online during the holidays is simply making sure they don’t give their card number to non-reputable online vendors, there’s another aspect to keeping yourself safe even if you’re not shopping.

With the holidays come vacations and time spent away from the office, your house, and your safe and secure Wi-Fi. I know i’ve fallen into the free Wi-Fi trap on many occasions, especially while traveling in different countries, and it’s a trap that can prove especially dangerous.

This was tested and proven earlier this year by a 4th grader right here in Austin. Evan Robertson set-up a public Wi-Fi network at multiple malls all over the city and presented shoppers with the most ridiculous terms to see if they would agree. These terms included:

Now if people actually read to the bottom of these terms they would see that Evan also specifically told them they shouldn’t connect, and that he loved cats (ha!). As insane as these terms were, out of the 76 people that connected 40 of them actually accepted them.
So many of us are conditioned to accept the terms and conditions for free Wi-Fi without realizing what those terms mean, and what can happen after you’ve accepted them. So this holiday season we want you to be safe, and secure, while on vacation or even just doing a little shopping at the mall.

We’ve put together a short, but sweet, list of tips to keep you from falling into a free Wi-Fi trap:

While connecting to public Wi-Fi is easy and convenient, especially when traveling or trying to look up a review on the hottest gift this holiday season (make sure to check our our gift guides part 1 and part 2 if you need some inspiration!) it’s not always the best thing for you. Be cautious and smart, use this list and have a happy holiday season!

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