The Difference Between “Break/Fix” and Managed IT

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.



In the IT world the most common method of maintaining business operations has been an approach called “break/fix”, and it’s been that way for awhile. This traditional method works like this: something goes wrong, you call your service provider, they come and fix it, and send you the bill. In the modern IT environment, this is now the bare minimum when it comes to support for your business.

Enter Managed IT

Managed IT has evolved from an ever-changing technological business environment. Businesses have come to rely on having a stable network more than ever, and this has developed the need for a new type of IT support. Unlike break/fix support, managed IT is proactive. A managed IT provider’s approach involves predicting and detecting network issues in order to develop a solution to the issue before it even happens. This solution benefits businesses far more than waiting until something is broken and having to wait until it is fixed.

How does Managed IT Compare

The most important difference between these two approaches is shown in the interest of the respective parties. A “break/fix” provider’s interests are often opposite of the client, while managed providers align their interests with those of their clients.

“Break/Fix” Providers

Managed IT Providers align their interests with their clients because they:


It’s easy to see that managed IT offers more than the traditional method of IT support. As time goes on we hope more and more businesses will consider and ultimately switch to a managed service provider for the benefit of their company.

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