Cortana – Making Your Life Easier

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


Everyday life can be overwhelming sometimes, but what if you had your own personal assistant to help you keep up with your busy life?

Having a personal assistant can provide a long list of benefits that make life easier to manage, ranging from scheduling and providing directions, to pulling up your favorite music. As technology gets better and better, access to “virtual assistants” is getting easier, and they’re just about as useful as a real-life assistant. Here’s where Cortana comes in. Microsoft developed their own version of the virtual assistant, Cortana, for Windows 10 that can do everything mentioned above, and more.

Cortana can do a lot but here are some important things every Windows 10 user should know about their new virtual assistant:


Cortana can do all of these things and much more. If you have a busy schedule or would take advantage of these benefits, make sure to check it out!

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