Cloud Consulting

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


IT Freedom understands that most business owners aren’t tech experts – that’s why we provide
skilled support, strategy, and consulting to help you leverage the full power of
modern technology’s most effective tools.

The cloud offers endless benefits, with a wide range of features designed to improve your operations and secure your data. IT Freedom provides cloud consulting to make sure your business is always thriving, working with the right tools and applications to increase your bottom line and ensure your productivity is never compromised.

Reach out to IT Freedom at or (512) 351-4960.



  • Much more than a storage solution
    The cloud is so much more than a storage solution. IT Freedom works with you to understand your needs and processes; you’re then able to use the cloud in the most effective way for your unique goals.
  • Improve collaboration and communication
    Improve collaboration and communication, increase data security, and give your workforce the applications they need to succeed.
  • Sharing files has never been easier
    Sharing files and working from remote locations has never been easier. The cloud offers the ultimate
    convenience, and we make sure you’re taking full advantage of it to better your business.

An Easy, All-in-One Approach

IT Freedom covers everything from design and implementation to management and support
with a 24×7 team of reliable technicians offering their expertise. You gain peace of mind knowing
that everything is accounted for, and that you’re always making informed investments and decisions
for your future.


Get in touch with IT Freedom to discuss all that the cloud has to offer,
from business continuity to unique, industry-specific solutions.

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