Clearing up the Confusion

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


In the Information Technology industry many professionals have a reputation for using jargon that is often unfamiliar to those outside of the industry.

We always try to use plain, universally understood terms, but we know that many professionals don’t always try to do this, making it a struggle for many business owners trying to work with their IT company. So we thought we would put together a small list to give some clarification on some of the most common terms.

Cloud Computing

Managed IT Services


Remote Access

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Business Continuity

Anti-malware, Anti-spam, Anti-virus Software

Patch Management

While these aren’t the most complex terms that IT professionals use, they are the most common that you’re likely to hear when trying to get an issue fixed or when talking to a new IT company for your business.

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