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IT Services in Austin

Supporting some of the largest communications companies in the world, Sector Supply and the Return2Sector division were both relying heavily upon their technologies to keep them connected. Unfortunately, the company was disappointed when it experienced an IT emergency that 3 separate IT vendors could not fix. Luckily, IT Freedom stepped in. IT Freedom was able to fix all of their issues in a cost-effective, expert manner.

There’s no denying how crucial technology has become in today’s world. Most companies require some sort of IT environment, and not only that, but they are relying on it – and on their IT provider. When IT companies can’t keep up with their clients’ needs, those clients face significant challenges carrying out daily operations and staying connected.

The Situation: The Need For A Knowledgeable & Efficient IT Partner That They Could Fully Trust & Depend On!

As a supplier of communications equipment to major telecom carriers and an e-cycler for the local community, Sector Supply (the telecom supplier) and Return2Sector (the local e-cycling initiative) rely heavily on technology for their own communications. Shiloh Coleman, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel for Sector Supply and Return2Sector, explains: “The largest communications companies in the world are our top customers – and they require that we have plans in place to deal with potential communications and technology failures.”

Unfortunately, the company’s plans nearly didn’t follow through the way they should have. “We were having an IT emergency – and had gone through no less than 3 vendors trying to get things fixed,” explains Coleman. He continues, saying fortunately, “IT Freedom stepped in and calmly handled everything. They didn’t require a commitment right away – and that was impressive. They were more concerned about doing the job right. They knew, I am sure, that this wins customers. IT Freedom proved to me that they believe first and foremost in customer service and know this will result in business development organically. It shows – they are ethical, fair, transparent, well managed, and cost efficient.”

The Solution: A More Robust IT Environment & Stand-Up Support For Maximum Efficiency!

IT Freedom has done a lot for Sector Supply, and continues as a day-to-day partner for IT support and strategy. Coleman explains, “We use technology to increase process efficiencies, allowing us to operate at a very high volume with limited staff.  We also use it to provide 24/7 responsiveness and a seamless, global presence. Many Sector employees can literally work from anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night, and operate just as efficiently as they would from a traditional office.”

IT Freedom has implemented many improvements to Sector Supply’s IT environment in order to achieve their seamless work flow, including:

  • Migration of Sector Supply’s server infrastructure to our dedicated colocation facility, ensuring reliability for a location-agnostic workforce
  • Re-architecture of the Sector Supply network, utilizing a cost-conscious mix of enterprise-grade Metro Ethernet services and business-class Internet services to maximize network speed and uptime
  • Deployment of our hosted Business VoIP Service, allowing Sector Supply’s remote office locations and mobile users to work off of the same phone system
  • Migration of email services to the Office 365 platform, reducing costs for commodity services

“The ability to migrate us to an offsite data center that handles everything so we don’t experience interruptions, and that is constantly monitored so we don’t feel the pain before having to call, is the most appreciated. I know there are times when they fix things I will never even know about – and I like that.” beams Coleman.

The Outcome: A Cost-Effective & Customer-Focused IT Partner That They Can Rely On!

Since signing on with IT Freedom, Sector Supply and Return2Sector have seen significant benefits come their way. Coleman comments, “The biggest financial gain is in the way our bills are normalized…we know about how much we are going to spend on IT each month, and we get a lot for that.”

He continues expressing appreciation on behalf of the company, saying he would make IT Freedom a recommendation to colleagues. He explains, “Every penny they spend on IT will be money well spent – the investment in good IT services with a solid MSP like IT Freedom is a no brainer. There is no reason to hire an in-house IT person – take half that money and hire a well trained, diversely specialized, and solid customer focused company like IT Freedom to handle your IT headaches and take it off your plate.”

IT Freedom can help you reach the IT solutions suited to your success! To learn more, call us at (512) 351-4960 or send us an email: