Case Study

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A manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods appealing to home, medical, and industrial/commercial markets faced challenges finding an IT provider that it could depend on. Luckily, after two failed IT companies, IT Freedom came in. IT Freedom had the innovative solutions, expert knowledge, and responsive support that this manufacturer needed in order to maximize its efficiency and achieve its goals.

The Situation: A Growing Company In Need Of Reliable Technologies & A Trustworthy IT Partner!

Let’s Gel, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods. Their main product lines revolve around ergonomic flooring solutions that appeal to home, medical and industrial/commercial use.

Appealing to so many markets, it is crucial for Let’s Gel, Inc. to have technologies they can rely on in order to maintain communication and connection with various vendors, partners, and customers. “Having a live person to quickly work through issues is important to us. We have a lean staff and everyone has multiple responsibilities and time constraints,” explains John Henson, Vice President of Operations at Let’s Gel, Inc.

Unfortunately, Let’s Gel, Inc. was having a hard time finding an IT partner they could trust to help them achieve this. “We went through two IT support companies…” explains Henson, “Unfortunately their management/communication structure was inconsistent and their employees seemed to be somewhat junior in terms of their knowledge and experience. We wanted a competent local company that we could grow with and not get lost in the crowd.”

The Solution: Dependable Technologies & Responsive Support That They Can Trust To Minimize Downtime & Costs!

Thankfully, Let’s Gel, Inc. found IT Freedom. IT Freedom immediately went to work assessing their IT environment and was able to design and explain innovative solutions that would work best for their company. Henson elaborates.

“IT Freedom has been a great source of knowledge for me personally and has helped me make long-term architecture decisions. IT Freedom checks in occasionally on specific case-level issues and therefore I know they have their eyes on the details as well as the big picture.

I also like how kind, empathetic and patient IT Freedom personnel are when working with our employees. I have personally never heard of an IT Freedom employee being rude or impatient.”

IT Freedom has done a lot to help improve Let’s Gel’s IT environment, and they continue to help on a daily basis. “We find it to be a cost effective way to manage our day to day computer support needs as our company expands here in Austin and in Waco,” says Henson.

The Outcome: A Robust IT Environment & A Forward-Thinking IT Partner Committed To Helping Them Succeed!

“I am pleased with the level of responsiveness and technical expertise we receive on a consistent basis – consistency is important to us,” beams Henson.

Since working with IT Freedom, Let’s Gel has experienced significant benefits that have kept them long-term technology partners. For over 5 years Let’s Gel, Inc. has been turning to IT Freedom as someone that they can trust.

Henson expresses appreciation on behalf of the company, saying, “I appreciate the fact that IT Freedom is willing to pick up and deliver for us… I believe they provide solid consistent services… IT Freedom is a well run organization.”

IT Freedom can help you unlock IT solutions for success! To learn how, call us at (512) 351-4960 or send us an email: