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We are an all-inclusive cloud service provider. Improved collaboration, comprehensive data security, and convenient mobility are all benefits the cloud offers your business. We ensure you’re leveraging its full power to positively impact your bottom line.

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Office 365 & The Microsoft Cloud

The software that brings it all together.

Microsoft offers a solution designed to streamline work and make your life easier. When you’re working with Office 365, we provide support and expert consulting to make sure you’re leveraging its full power to improve your workflow.

All Access: Office 365 gives you access to business class email, video conferencing capabilities, instant messaging, calendar sharing, and all of the Office applications you already depend on.

Guidance and Support: Our guidance and support guarantees that you get the most out of Office to improve the way you work. Our strategic planning ensures you understand the full capabilities of Office 365’s offerings.

Business Continuity: Workflow disruption and downtime is a disaster for any business. Office 365 improves business continuity by protecting all of your data in the cloud and giving you access to resources even if hardware is compromised or your power is out.

Cloud Consulting

The right tools and applications for you.

We provide skilled support, strategy, and consulting to help you leverage the full power of modern technology’s most effective tools.

IT Freedom is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider—we work directly with Microsoft without any middle men. From simple Office 365 deployments for email and collaboration to full-scale integrations of local servers, Active Directory, and the broad set of other mobility and security tools available through the Microsoft Cloud, IT Freedom can design a solution to fit your business needs.

Not Just Storage: The cloud is so much more than a storage solution. IT Freedom works with you to understand your needs and processes to leverage the cloud in the most effective way for your unique needs.

Collaboration and Communication: Improve collaboration and communication, increase data security, and give your workforce the applications they need to succeed.

Full Scale Integration: If you have a more sophisticated network already including in-house servers but are looking to “move to the cloud”, let our experts advise on what that really looks like without the marketing buzzwords.

Server Colocation

Offering complete control where it matters.

Server colocation—housing your servers at our secure and managed facility—is an effective way to help ensure business continuity and benefit from reduced risk of downtime or disruption while not quite moving all the way “to the cloud.” IT Freedom houses our very own private colocation facility right here in Austin. We leverage our facility and complete control over the environment to design custom, enterprise-grade hosting solutions for companies of any size and budget.

  • Greater bandwidth capacity and reliability.
  • Around-the-clock physical security and monitoring.
  • Geographically redundant backups of your information so that data is never lost or compromised.
  • Easy scalability.
  • Greater resilience to disasters and attacks.
  • Complete control over server hardware, software, and the hosting environment.

We’ll answer your tough technology questions.

Let your business benefit from the mobility, freedom, and innovative solutions that the cloud has to offer.

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