Are You Ready for The Growing Administrative Burden that Comes With Free Applications?

There’s no doubt that free web-based applications can be a huge asset to any business.


Here’s the thing: a solid web-based application can do wonders, and the appeal of working with free apps is obvious, especially for a startup. At some point, however, there’s more to consider.

  • Even with basic web-based applications, the administrative burden will increase significantly as your business grows.
  • With more users to administer and support, you end up with a greater need for expert oversight.
  • Security should be a major concern – it’s critical that you understand the controls, capabilities, and possible vulnerabilities of the applications your workforce is relying on to get work done.

We know that most startups have a good handle on their technology, and now more than ever businesses are equipped with employees who truly understand the bigger picture when it comes to IT. That’s why you should understand the urgency to ensure that, even with web-based applications, some critical IT strategies and support are necessary.

Peace of Mind

One of the greatest assets of working with an experienced IT team is peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of. We don’t just mean security, either.

The more free applications you rely on, the more administrative burden will increase. IT Freedom takes that burden off of your shoulders – we help with the management of multiple accounts across several applications, deal with SSO (single sign-on, allowing you to sign in to multiple applications and resources with one single solution), and any other critical needs.

And yes – peace of mind also pertains to security. The security implications when dealing with several free-floating and poorly administered logins could be disastrous. We work with you to ensure all of your application needs are properly handled.

Increase Your Value

Working with an experienced team expands your resources – we ensure you’re leveraging the full power of the free web-based apps that you already rely on and maximizing the value you get back, including convenience, security, and more reliable ways to serve clients.

  • Along with our services, IT Freedom offers reliable support from an entire team of experts to ensure your applications are always aligned with your needs.
  • Whenever there’s an issue, our team is on it – so you never have to sweat the small stuff.
  • IT Freedom works with you to understand the unique requirements of your startup: we evaluate your strengthens, figure out what’s working, and see where we can help you improve with the right tools and applications.

Are you ready to maximize efficiency and start working with the right applications and solutions for your business needs?

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