Leadership Team

Do you know why most managed IT approaches fail? We do.


We believe in finding the right people and promoting from within to recognize talent,
preserve our culture, and retain our tribal knowledge.

Everyone on our leadership team has been with IT Freedom for many years and found their niche in the company.


Carey Jung


IT Freedom’s founder was formerly a software engineer and software development manager at Tivoli Systems. During his eight years there, Carey helped the company grow from a startup with a handful of employees to one of the largest, most successful IT management vendors in the world. He received several awards for innovation, inventions, and teamwork at Tivoli.

With the itch he’d always had to start his own business and his growing disillusionment of the impersonal enterprise world, Carey started IT Freedom with a bright vision in mind. He wanted to create a company to serve “normal” people (small and medium business owners): a company that didn’t make false claims to close a deal, one that valued service excellence and authentic customer relationships above all else. At a time when everybody was doing network consulting on an hourly basis, Carey saw an opportunity to provide an inexpensive, comprehensive networking solution that could be supported and managed remotely for a flat fee. Most people thought he would lose his shirt, but he gave it a go anyway. His only regret now is that he waited so long to start his own company.

When he’s not putting his heart and soul into building a strong team at IT Freedom, you can find him on his bike, exploring the Hill Country or racing – and too frequently, like all competitive cyclists, crashing.

Brian Camp

Chief Technical Officer

IT Freedom’s engineering wizard hails from Elmwood, Illinois, where directly out of high school he single-handedly built a wireless internet service company from the ground up. Brian later moved to Austin and fortuitously interviewed at IT Freedom. We hired him on the spot. In the nine years hence, Brian has designed and developed our entire network infrastructure and all of our hosted and VoIP services. Brian lives in South Austin and enjoys hiking, sightseeing and spending time with his wife and daughters.

Jeff Taff

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff joined IT Freedom as a Network Technician over seven years ago. His organizational and analytical skills quickly advanced him first to Helpdesk Lead, then Service Manager, Director of Operations, and now Chief Executive Officer. Jeff is the consummate analyst; ask him anything about Operations, and he’ll immediately get to the salient point with the numbers and graphs to back it up. Jeff is constantly conducting small-scale experiments to improve operations, employee morale, our craft beer selection in the fridge, and himself.

Jeff’s previous experience includes positions at the University of Texas at Austin and Exodus Communications (now Savvis), where he was an integral part of the IT security consulting team for a number of Fortune 500 clients. He grew up in the Greater Houston area, but moved to Austin in 1994 to attend the University of Texas where he earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Anthropology and Archeology, respectively.

Jeff is an avid outdoorsman and sports fan. When Arsenal F.C. of the English Premier League is playing, you can find him in the break room watching the game on the big screen. Otherwise, you’re likely to catch him at Round Rock Express or UT football games with his wife and son.

Matt Miller

Chief Development Officer

Matt was hired as a Network Technician at IT Freedom over eight years ago and quickly rose to Network Engineer and then Engineering Manager. Matt’s incredible technical depth – combined with an equal ability to explain it to “normal people” – makes him incredibly effective in overseeing all of our sales and account management functions. Born in Austin, Matt earned his computer science degree from UT Austin. While still in school, he started his career as a network administrator for a major multinational firm, later joining IT Freedom as a network technician.

Matt currently lives in and works from his home in the Houston Heights. Lately, his off-work projects include various home improvements, cooking his way through Saveur Magazine’s index of 150 classic recipes with his wife, and spending an astounding amount of time cabling his house for Ethernet and ensuring perfect Wi-Fi coverage for his patio.

Carla Jung

Chief Financial Officer

For over eleven years, Carla has managed IT Freedom’s general accounting & financial statements, lender relationships, tax compliance, contracts, HR activities, and our facility. Carla grew up in California and graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She worked for several years in the aerospace industry before moving to Austin, TX.

She has been with IT Freedom since 2004, and has the distinction of having worked in every department within the company. Carla is an avid Crossfit bootcamper and lover of country music and Texas wine. On the weekends, Carla enjoys going to Inks Lake with Carey in Bertha, their old 1999 RV.

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