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Our managed IT services can handle it all – your office, remote employees, cloud, voice system, and security while providing you with the highest level of IT customer service. IT Freedom creates unique solutions for your specific needs, always seeking comprehensive solutions. We can help you focus on your business by leveraging IT to service your goals and objectives.

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You are able to get help however you prefer: open a ticket via email, our web portal, or by phone.


You’re notified as soon as your ticket is processed – we let you know exactly how your problem is being addressed and the steps we’re taking to get you back on track.

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Our web portal is available 24/7 and offers you the ability to open tickets and check their status using any web browser.

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Sector Supply Case Study

Supporting some of the largest communications companies in the world, Sector Supply and Return2Sector division were both relying heavily upon their technologies to keep them connected. Unfortunately, the company was disappointed when it experienced an IT emergency that 3 separate IT vendors could not fix. Luckily, IT Freedom stepped in…

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Let’s Gel, Inc Case Study

A manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods appealing to home, medical, and industrial/commercial markets faced challenges finding an IT provider that it could depend on. Luckily, after two failed IT companies, IT Freedom came in. IT Freedom had the innovative solutions, expert knowledge, and responsive support that this manufacturer…

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The Need for Data Security in Local Governments

As a company that works with a lot of small businesses we bring up how vulnerable they are to cybersecurity attacks. But there’s another sector that warrants discussion. State and local governments are just as attractive a target to cybercriminals […]

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Employee Ownership Leads to Increased Economic Prospects

“Happy Employees → Happy Customers” It might be cliche, but we as a company believe that large part of that “happy employee” mentally comes from being an employee-owned company. For the entirety of our company’s life, 18 years this September, […]

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VPNs…On the Rise or Out the Door?

I’m going to be honest, this blog started off somewhere totally different. But through research and discussions with our Chief Technology Officer, here’s where I landed: the future of VPNs. Virtual Private Network or VPN technology isn’t anything new. Basically, […]

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